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We know that survivors of prolonged trauma – such as having been in or born in a cult, having experienced religious or spiritual abuse; having a narcissistic parent or other close family member or having been in a narcissistic relationship, or having been sent to an abusive program through the Troubled Teen Industry – often suffer from Complex Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (CPTSD). And one of the primary symptoms of CPTSD is ongoing difficulties with relationships.

For that reason, we created this course to specifically address and educate about relational issues and, along with that, to teach helpful strategies and skills to alleviate and hopefully conquer resultant trauma responses from your experience.

In our courses, we use a psychoeducational teaching model. This includes short presentations on relevant concepts/issues, as well as ample time allotted for Question & Answer segments and participant observations. Before each session, participants will receive handouts and (optional) homework to aid in applying the content to your own situation. Also, each session ends with learning a useful emotional-regulation skill from Sally’s Toolbox.

This course includes 5 two-hour sessions (over 5 weeks) and costs $250. Maximum enrollment is 20-25 participants.

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In the first Session, we review and explain the relationship recovery process and ways to identify self-needs. We will explore together challenges around grief and loss, as well as challenges with navigating complicated post-cult relationships. (For simplicity, we use “cult” here, but it is meant to include the other types of traumatic situations and environments described in the first paragraph.)

Gaining a deeper understanding of what relational trauma is and how that knowledge benefits ongoing learning and healing is a key element in recovery. Through handy metaphors, charts, supplemental readings, and optional homework, participants can individualize their own experiences using the information we present.

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After the course is finished, participants are sent an Evaluation Form (anonymous).

We hope that these are completed by everyone, as we very much look forward to feedback so that we can continually improve our courses.

Janja, Beth and Sally are looking forward to embarking on this journey with you.  Thank you for your interest.

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This series spans over five Wednesdays during the following times:

Eastern Standard Time: 4pm-6pm

Central, Standard Time: 3pm-5pm

Mountain Standard Time: 2pm-4pm

Pacific Standard Time: 1pm-3pm

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