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Describing someone as a “narcissist” has become a common turn of phrase in mainstream lingo today. However, the label does little to describe the harm that happens to us in relationships with individuals and/or systems that are truly narcissistic. For many of us, it can take years to process the aftermath of confusion, grief, anger, and loss that can be left behind.

Finding your sense of self and who you are, what feels right to you, and how to feel okay often can be very challenging – and lonely. Finding compassion for yourself and understanding your responses to these domineering individuals can also be difficult, often resulting in you being extremely critical of yourself and harboring immense feelings of shame.

The purpose of this 3-part course is to highlight common responses to these relationships and to help participants understand the relevant concrete concepts, while also gaining some tools to help themselves heal from the narcissistic abuse they experienced, whether in a romantic relationship, a family environment, or some type of high-control group.

This course includes 3 two-hour sessions (over 3 weeks) and costs $150. The maximum enrollment is 20-25 participants.

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In the first Session, we highlight and explore the different types of narcissism and relay information about how to spot narcissistic patterns of behavior. This is important because having multiple experiences while in a narcissistic relationship or other setting is very common. We also highlight the recovery process and discuss the importance of psychoeducation and self-compassion in healing.


As with all our courses, our approach to healing combines a specific combination of psychoeducation that includes social-psychological information, trauma education, and emotional-regulation skills.

In each course, we take time to teach you emotional-regulation skills that may be useful to you as well, as it is very common in traumatizing relationships that it can be difficult to regulate your feelings.

Lastly, the information we provide in each session is designed to empower YOU in your recovery and establish you as your own expert. We know that taking any course after this type of abuse can be scary and at times challenging. Thus, providing a safe learning environment is also important in the recovery process and is one of our priorities as facilitators. In that regard, we always welcome any feedback or learning about any concerns that you have while participating in this course.

Narcissism Exposed: About
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After the course is finished, participants are sent an Evaluation Form (anonymous).

We hope that these are completed by everyone, as we very much look forward to feedback so that we can continually improve our courses.

Janja, Beth and Sally are looking forward to embarking on this journey with you.  Thank you for your interest.

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